How can I become more intelligent?

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David O. asked: What would be the best way for an adolescent to achieve genius? How can I become more intelligent? I read your article The roots of creativity and genius. How would you summarize it in just a few words

This FAQ expands on the content of "I would never send my kids to school" by Piotr Wozniak (2017)

Short Answer

Definitions used for this particular answer:

  • intelligence is the power to solve problems
  • genius is a person of high achievement derived from high intelligence

To achieve more using the mind:

  • create a stress free zone and build a life around it
  • respect sleep
  • base your entire lifestyle on natural creativity cycle
  • take on a lofty goal that will monopolize your mind (e.g. writing a novel or designing an airplane)
  • use incremental reading to build vast expanses of knowledge
  • while learning, never ignore the the fundamental law of learning: learning must be pleasurable
  • while learning, focus on abstract knowledge that will increase the productivity of the mind (e.g. learn the laws of probability rather than the capitals of the US states)
  • keep working on your goal, keep using mental tools, keep employing knowledge

The above ideas have been integrated into a synthetic approach to problem solving: How to solve any problem?

For a more comprehensive list see: Genius checklist