How does incremental reading interact with spaced repetition?

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I want to understand incremental reading. I know how spaced repetition works. I cannot visualize how incremental reading works in SuperMemo. What algorithm is used to space articles in time? Do articles get some kind of optimum interval? Are article repetitions mixed with item repetitions? Or do they get higher priority to speed up extracting new information? Is there a special treatment for cloze deletions or questions extracted from texts? Do I need to manually convert them to standard items?


Incremental reading is like a grinder for web knowledge. You put knowledge meat into the grinder, and you pour stable memories into your brain. Spaced repetition is like a glue that keep knowledge in your head. Incremental reading is more about the grinding process. All articles you put into the grinder, get split into smaller portions. All portions have their priority. All portions compete mostly on their priority. Spacing and intervals are secondary. Intervals do increase in unprocessed articles to dilute the process. This only helps to keep the queue for the day shorter. There is a degree of random reshuffling to make sure you do not hurt yourself by always classifying new articles as the most important articles in the world. There is a degree of reshuffling between items and articles to make sure you do not forget what you learn. Each time you see important information, you only need to point to the most important keyword and with one click, the rest is automatic. All cloze deletions are treated like all other items in the learning process.

Here is then the summary of the incremental reading algorithm:

  1. put articles in the grinder
  2. keep reading
  3. keep telling SuperMemo which articles are most important
  4. keep telling SuperMemo which knowledge you want to remember

Articles compete with each other by priority. Knowledge from cloze deletions is mastered with the help of spaced repetition.

This FAQ expands on the content of "I would never send my kids to school" by Piotr Wozniak (2017)