I don't need to read a thousand articles in parallel!

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I never need to read thousands of articles in parallel! Why would I need incremental reading?

This FAQ expands on the content of "I would never send my kids to school" by Piotr Wozniak (2017)


Your feeling is not unusual and is one of the main reasons nearly everyone is skeptical before ever trying incremental reading. The claim that you do not need to read thousands of articles is just an illusion coming from limited capacity of the brain to see the big picture of your true needs for knowledge.

It is not that you need to read 1000 articles. It is that you must know 10,000 things, or need to know 100,000 things, and you cannot afford reading 10,000 articles, let alone 10,000 books from top to bottom one after another.

Wrong question: Do I need to read a 10,000 articles in parallel?
Good question: Do I need to know 10,000 things?


Thorough, and time-wasting reading, is how schools approach it. At school, you take a book, read, finish, take another, and after 20 years, perhaps you will be somewhat ready for life. In reality you need dozens of pieces of information daily, many of those you need in long-term memory, many of those require supplementary reading. Do you need to know the structure of the muscle to be a good runner? Can you spend a day on studying details? Probably not. Do you need to know the importance of vitamin D for health? Probably you do. Do you need to know the history of your country? Or sociology? Or economics? Or physics? Each time the answer is "yes, but I don't have time". You end up reading short texts on Google. You end up reading hundreds or thousands of short texts. Incremental reading is similar except it builds memories for life so that you do not need to read the same thing again and again, or miss something vital because it is buried in the middle of a longer article, or fail to read a super-important article just because it is more than half a page long.

Unlike it is the case with schooling, in incremental reading you make a bit of progress on all fronts each and every day. This is great for your memory. This is true lifelong learning with rock solid knowledge in mind.

Advantages of incremental reading

Here are some advantages of incremental reading as opposed to chaotic reading of dozens of snippets on the net daily:

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