SuperMemo does not work for kids

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This is a stub of a missing page from "I would never send my kids to school" by Piotr Wozniak (2017). This e-book is being uploaded incrementally, and some pages are still missing. Please come back in a month or two. If the text is still not there mail me!

SuperMemo algorithm does not work well in childhood due to childhood amnesia. Children are slow to develop abilities needed to use SuperMemo. Active conscious act of committing knowledge to memory is a skill little kids do not have. Active conscious scan of memory to retrieve knowledge is not available to little kids. The ability to store abstract knowledge develops very slowly. For a little child, even numbers and alphabet are abstract.

The greatest danger of using SuperMemo in children is that any form of coercion may result in a hate of SuperMemo. Instead of improving memory, the parent can discourage the child from ever using the best memory tool.