Why I cannot fall asleep during my siesta?

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I don't know how the Mediterranean people can do their siesta, each time I try, I can't sleep after a heavy late dinner (especially with wine).


Here is the checklist:

  • see if you are napping at the right time (7-8 hours from natural waking)
  • keep your meals healthy and moderate
  • consider wine before dinner (for easier absorption), or give it up
  • make sure your place is comfortable and well isolated
  • if you do not fall asleep in 10-15 minutes, get up and try again the next day
  • consider solid exercise before dinner

It is not unusual for a modern stressed individual to struggle with napping. As much as insomnia can bother you in the night, without practice, napping can be hard. You need to simply follow a habit. You need to forget all obligations. You need to turn off the phone. If your mind is not at ease, napping won't work without sleep deprivation.

See: Biphasic life

This FAQ expands on the content of "Science of sleep" by Piotr Wozniak (2017)