Wieman: Lectures make no sense

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This reference is used to annotate "I would never send my kids to school" (2017) by Piotr Wozniak

To Nobel laureate Carl Wieman, the college lecture is the educational equivalent of bloodletting, one long overdue for revision. "It's a very good analogy," the Stanford professor says. "You let some blood out and go away and they get well. Was it bloodletting that did it, or something else?". The large college lecture — the cornerstone of undergraduate education in America and much of the world today — is similar. "You give people lectures, and [some students] go away and learn the stuff. But it wasn't that they learned it from lecture — they learned it from homework, from assignments. When we measure how little people learn from an actual lecture, it's just really small."

Title: A Nobel Laureate's Education Plea: Revolutionize Teaching

Link: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/04/14/465729968/a-nobel-laureates-education-plea-revolutionize-teaching