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Increading means reading with the help of incremental reading.

18 years after the birth of incremental reading (2000), I concluded that it is time to stop listing caveats in the context of my saying "I am just reading that book". As I do not read on paper, and read everything incrementally, I need to explain that "I am reading" does not mean "I am reading deep" or "I will finish soon" or "I remember a lot" or "the book is very important for me". In incremental reading there are all shades of gray for urgency, speed, importance, depth, investment, meticulousness, etc. In the end, it is better to say "I am increading that book". Those who do not know what I mean can always ask questions or follow a link in a text where I use the word or Google the term if there is no link.

This glossary entry is used to explain SuperMemo, a pioneer of spaced repetition software since 1987