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Alfie Kohn (b. 1957) is an American education expert. He combines excellent knowledge of behavioral sciences with plain common sense to provide spotless diagnoses about the sorry state of education in America. Notably, he is the most prominent opponent of praise and fake rewards in learning (see: Destructive impact of praise in learning). Few authors can convincingly show the link between the reward system and success in life. It may either be the "conventional success" or a true fulfilment. The "conventional" path based on schooling is fraught with dangers, incl. suicide. Kohn is not only convincing, he is passionate in his mission to prevent that misdirection induced by compulsory schooling.

Even though I think I do understand the brain, I often do not understand the school system. When in doubt, I consult Alfie Kohn's rich library available at his home site.

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