Andrzej Horodenski

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Andrzej Horodenski was the first ever journalist to describe SuperMemo in popular press (February 1992). This makes him the first person to describe software based on spaced repetition. Educated in particle physics, and well-versed in math, Horodenski instantly grasped the idea of spaced repetition, and helped promote SuperMemo in his writings for many later years. Interestingly, Horodenski also proposed and christened the option Mercy, which was the first tool to reduce the burden of repetitions.

Horodenski's first two articles from 1992 have been translated to English:

Prophetic words from Horodenski (1992):

SuperMemo is outstanding in one sense (which at the same time makes its major weakness): it is a product of the intellectual effort of someone who lives in this country [Poland], is known by a typically Polish name [Wozniak] and, apart from the invention of SuperMemo, does not differ from an average man in the street. It is a cardinal sin of marketing! People like to have a feeling that they play with a toy that aroused a huge excitement abroad, esp. beyond the Atlantic! This variety of internationalism, cleverly fueled by advertising, results in the fact that Polish girls love the nightmarishly kitschy Barbie doll, and are less inclined to play with dolls coming from the regional cultural circle. So there is a significant chance that SuperMemo will become success in Poland only then when it becomes truly famous abroad!

This glossary entry is used to explain "History of spaced repetition" by Piotr Wozniak (June 2018)