Cevin Soling

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Cevin Soling is one of the most radical opponents of schooling today. He is the author of a gripping award-winning documentary "War on Kids". He is also ready to support a student rebellion with his counter-revolutionary "The Student Resistance Handbook" (available on Amazon). If Soling had his way, compulsory schooling would end today.

His words leave room for no compromise:

Schools are factories of human rights violations. If students were deemed to be “enemy combatants,” conditions at schools would be considered war crimes in violation of ten different Articles of the Third Geneva Convention which govern discipline, labor demands, personal effects, general health and well-being, diet, and exposure to humiliation. They are ineffective at teaching literacy as documented by the Department of Education. They fail to impart work skills, and they fail to create citizens who understand democratic values. They do succeed at instilling depression, anxiety, stress, aggression, and learned helplessness

As for the remedy, Soling can only see a rebellion:

Any institution that demands the surrender of one’s will, for any purpose, is irredeemably corrupt and must be taken down. Dialogue with teachers and administrators is a waste of time because they will either deny they are in a position of complete power or they will insist that it is necessary for the good of the students

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