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ChatBot is an artificial intelligence assistant able to converse with humans on any imaginable topic (e.g. ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, etc.).

In December 2022, I realized that I can no longer be sure if questions answered by ChatGPT are generated by a human or by a computer. The only clue was the speed of answers. I have not doubts: Turing test has been passed, and it is just a beginning on a fast acceleration towards Singularity.

This type of artificial intelligence will replace humans in many areas of work. See: Teaching is dead.

ChatBots are a great tool for understanding intelligence. Children should converse with AI from the earliest ages so that to adapt to a new world. My way of writing at SuperMemo Guru will also be affected. I no longer need to be encyclopedic. I no longer need to worry about the length of texts. I can focus entirely on the novel message that, I believe, expands human knowledge. Some remarks on this phenomenon here: How to read a book in an hour?

This glossary entry is used to explain texts in SuperMemo Guru series on memory, learning, creativity, and problem solving