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Knowledge collection in SuperMemo is a database of questions, texts, pictures, sounds, videos and other data that combine to form student's knowledge, and the set of learning materials. A collection differs from old-style databases in that it is organized into a tree structure, and may include conceptual links between pieces of knowledge (see: concept network).

In different contexts, collection can also be named: database (old SuperMemos), knowledge system (SuperMemo 1995-2000), deck (of cards, e.g. in Anki), list (of a set of flashcards), or just learning material(s).

This glossary entry is used to explain SuperMemo, a pioneer of spaced repetition software since 1987

Incremental reading with SuperMemo 17
Incremental reading with SuperMemo 17

Figure: A typical snapshot from an incremental reading process in SuperMemo. While learning about leptin, the student extracts important portions of the text (in blue), and marks keywords that will be used to form questions that will enhance memory in the long term (in dark orange). The questions are reviewed along a spaced repetition schedule. See this video example for an explanation. The brain picture was taken from here