Critical period is based on neural Darwinism

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This reference is used to annotate "I would never send my kids to school" (2017) by Piotr Wozniak

Critical period: At the height of susceptibility, about 4-5 weeks of age, a day or two of ocular deprivation will have an effect. At several months of age, a month or more is required. No change in the physiology of cells is seen in the retina, and little in the lateral geniculate nucleus. The main effect occurs in primary visual cortex, which is the first stage at which cells with binocular input are found, and there is a profound effect on the ocular dominance of the cells. In the most extreme cases, there are no cells at all driven by the deprived eye

Quoted excerpts come from the following reference:

#Title: Critical period

#Author(s): Nigel Daw