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Danny Greenberg (1934-2021) was the founder of the Sudbury Valley School, and a pioneer of democratic schooling. Over many years of writing, he documented many aspects of free learning that are yet to be understood by general public.

Learning is a process you do, not a process that is done to you

When setting up the Sudbury Valley School, he wanted to give his children a different kind of educational experience. Previously, he discovered the futility of lecturing and teaching. He was also discouraged by the experience of writing a curriculum in physics. He could see how an ad hoc ignorant improvisation could be used in an attempt to "program" human minds. Compare: Choaotic global optimization of education

To those who believe in common core, he draws on the history of art:

Hey Mozart! Stop plunking that piano all day! Read a book! Do something useful!

He wrote about the imminent collapse of the Prussian model of education:

Six months before the collapse of the Soviet Union, no expert could have predicted it

About his experience of lecturing:

[Intellectual change] began for me when I was teaching in college. I tried all the pedagogical tricks; I tried to entertain them; I used all kinds of motivational techniques. I would deliver lectures that got standing ovations, but later, in the tests and essays, it was clear to me that the students just didn’t get it. I wasn’t getting through to them, and it was very frustrating, very disappointing. I asked my colleagues about it, and they all said the same things: “Don’t feel bad. It’s these kids today. They don’t work hard, they don’t care about studying and learning.” But I just refused to believe it was the students’ fault! Gradually, I came to understand that learning occurs when it is self-initiated, when kids are self-motivated. You can’t make someone learn something—you really can’t teach someone something—they have to want to learn it. And if they want to learn, they will

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