Digital dementia

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Digital dementia is a pseudoscientific term intended to promote the thesis that digital technologies such as Google or smartphones lead to memory loss, cognitive decline, ADHD, and many more. The term was invented by German neuropsychiatrist Dr Manfred Spitzer to promote the sales of his book titled "Digital Dementia" (2012, $70, original German title: "Digitale Demenz"). Since the publication, the term gained some traction, esp. among parents concerned about the impact of gaming on children. Dr Spitzer claims that he picked up the term from news reports in which overworked Koreans reported memory problems allegedly associated with the use of smartphones. The book was frivolously translated to a couple of languages gaining on its alarmist and/or populist qualities. For example, the translation to Polish was "Digital Dementia: How we deprive ourselves and our children of reason".

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