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Hikikomori is a person who withdrew himself from society due to excessive social pressures. The term was born in Japan where the problem is particularly pronounced for cultural reasons. The problem gradually extends from schooled children to adult population. When expectations are high (e.g. at school, at work, in society, etc.), they can become unbearable. A child can fall into a positive feedback loop in which withdrawal worsens the loss of social skills and deepens the sense of guilt about being unable to contribute to society. Hikikomori finds rich breeding grounds in cultures were personal freedoms are secondary. A very similar effect can be observed due to compulsory schooling. When school is taken as a social obligation and a child finds no allies in the adult world, hikikomori loop may arise. For an example of the glorification of "high expectations" see: Do not listen to Teru Clavel. Save the childhood. I hypothesize that negative income tax could spark a cultural paradigm shift that, in the long-run, might remedy the problem of hikikomori.

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