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E-mail address: woz2024 (@) supermemo (.) org (see: Apology)

If you see errors in my texts, please let me know.

Current research interest


spaced repetition

incremental learning


Born: March 1962, Milanowek near Warsaw, Poland

Primary schools: (1969-1976): 8, 36, 72 and 30 in Poznan

Secondary school: (1976-1980): 9-th general education school, specialization: chemistry, biology and English

University education:

  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (1980-1985), MS degree in molecular biology
  • University of Technology in Poznan (1985-1990), MS degree in computer science (individual specialization: applications of computer science in human biology). Master's Thesis: Optimization of learning. A new approach and computer application

Doctoral degree: University of Economics in Wroclaw, 1995. Doctoral Thesis: Economics of learning. New aspects in designing modern computer aided self-instruction systems

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I no longer care about publishing in peer review journals. I don't perish if I do not publish. Some of my old publications from the 1990s are listed here. I consider peer review to be a constraint on creativity and dissemination of inspiration (see: Problem with peer review). It does not help that our two component model of memory lives in obscurity despite being published a quarter of a century ago (see: Two components of long-term memory (1995))! The first ever publication of a spaced repetition algorithm has also remained unnoticed for it used the term repetition spacing rather than spaced repetition (see: Who invented the name spaced repetition?).

My best ideas are now listed at this site. I can get them out in raw form and receive feedback on the same day (rather than with a wasteful delay of one year). Of new ideas that I recommend (with a plea for corrective feedback):

See a more comprehensive list.


  • One language for the world: the world should adopt one official language
  • Problem of schooling: compulsory schooling does a great deal of damage to human intelligence
  • Declaration of Educational Emancipation: compulsory schooling is a violation of human rights
  • Metric system should be adopted and promoted
  • Diversity of knowledge underlies wisdom of the crowds. We should all have free access to uncensored knowledge
  • Global government is inevitable as much as the brain was inevitable in evolution
  • Artificial intelligence will soon pass the Turing test (written before ChatGPT). This process can only be halted by halting the progress of mankind
  • Basic income is inevitable as much as the use of blood is inevitable in optimally feeding the brain
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST) is one of the worst human inventions in terms of Cost/Value ratio
  • I stopped using transportation. I walk or run. I travel only by Google Maps. This is my micro-contribution to saving the environment (and sanity)
  • Harm of eyeglasses: I became myopic through ignorance and inattention. I believe that with a dose of prevention, most children can live lives without vision correction
  • I stopped being patriotic
  • Barefoot running is a great therapy (see: Incremental life)
  • Real science is much wider than popularly believed. See: SuperMemo Guru promotes pseudoscience


My time allocations for e-mail and social media are not sufficient to always respond. E-mail is a more reliable medium because at the very least I import all mail to a dedicated SuperMemo collection that I review regularly. If you believe your mail is super-important, I don't mind if you resend it. For technical reasons, some mail never reaches me.

I do not take on new projects. I get many fantastic propositions and have to refuse due to being booked with plans and tasklists in a perspective that always escapes at the horizon.

I do not travel. Even worse, I love to live barefoot for the greater part of the year. Attendance at conferences is impossible.

For details see: Piotr Wozniak Apology