Peter Gray

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This text is part of: "I would never send my kids to school" by Piotr Wozniak (2017)

Dr Peter Gray is one of leading advocates for self-directed learning and democratic schooling. His own son attended a democratic school. Many ideas in this book have been inspired by Gray's research and writing. The overarching inspiration comes from Gray's passion for child freedoms: there is no better preparation for adulthood than a trust in a child's ability to self-educate.

Many chapters include references to Gray's texts. For example:

For the full list of chapters with contribution from Peter Gray see: Peter Gray at SuperMemo Guru.

Gray's educational philosophy is described in "Free to Learn".

Lots of Gray's articles can be found at Psychology Today, e.g. How ADHD helps brainstorming.

He is an unflagging supporter of free learning and the founding member of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education.

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