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Self-learning is learning on one's own. Self-learning requires no teacher. Best forms of self-learning are self-directed (i.e. based on one's own choice of material and direction), and self-paced (i.e. based on one's own optimum speed of learning). Self-learning makes it possible to naturally employ the learn drive in full compliance with the fundamental law of learning. Homework is an example of self-learning that is usually not self-directed, and thus inefficient.

Incremental reading has been designed as a conglomerate of all best self-learning techniques for declarative knowledge available in electronic form (and not only). The concept of unschooling is based on the power of self-learning. SuperMemo is one of software pioneers in the area of optimization of self-learning. Self-learning is also called autodidacticism, self-instruction or self-teaching.

This glossary entry is used to explain "I would never send my kids to school" (2017-2024) by Piotr Wozniak