Sudbury Valley School

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Sudbury Valley School is a pioneer of democratic schooling established in 1968. It has been a research ground on the power of self-directed learning for five decades now. Inspiring educators such as Danny Greenberg and Peter Gray base a great deal of their message on experience drawn from the Sudbury Valley School.

Sudbury Valley School is unique as it claims no ADHD and no dyslexia issue. It was also special in its fast adoption of the internet. According to Danny Greenberg (2001):

Internet use was through the roof. The report cites the Merrimack Education Center (SVS’s Internet service provider). We used more bandwidth in 1998/99 than the entire Boston Public School System, which has an Internet budget more than 30 times the size of ours. In terms of how much actual use is made of the networked resources, our school’s use of the Internet is comparable to that of a university

For more on SVS see their home page:

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