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SuperMemo 7 for Windows was the first version of SuperMemo that would run in Windows rather than DOS. It was a major rewrite of the SuperMemo 6 code (first in Turbo Pascal 1.0 in 1992, and later in Borland Pascal 7.0 in early 1993). It was one of the very few Windows products in Poland at the time.

Adaptation for MS Windows made it possible to add a few features missing from SuperMemo for DOS:

  • mouse support (SuperMemo for DOS was entirely driven by keyboard)
  • sounds (1993)
  • pictures (1993)
  • support for multimedia on CD-ROM (1994)

Many times, SuperMemo 7 was voted the most popular Windows product in Poland (ahead of MS Word, and similar competitors). In 1994, SuperMemo 7 became the first Polish Windows software released on CD-ROM. It is also the most awarded SuperMemo ever (perhaps soon to be surpassed only by SuperMemo movie: Olive Green).

In 1999, SuperMemo 7 for Windows became freeware. It has reached Top 100 Downloads at Software Blast!

SuperMemo itself was used in the development of SuperMemo 7. For details see: SuperMemo as a tool for a programmer.

For technical details see: Evolution of SuperMemo 7 for Windows (1992-1995)

This glossary entry is used to explain "History of spaced repetition" by Piotr Wozniak (June 2018)

SuperMemo 7 for Windows
SuperMemo 7 for Windows