Curiosity is not a priority

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This reference is used to annotate "I would never send my kids to school" (2017) by Piotr Wozniak

The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood by Susan Engel is a great read for parents and educators. In a review of the book, Glenn C. Altschuler, wrote with skepticism:

Engel is surely right that curiosity should be cultivated. But these days, in schools throughout the United States, whether or not they have adopted “the common core”, getting the right answer is the most important goal. In an era that prizes quantifiable results, a pedagogy that privileges curiosity is not likely to be a priority .

For that reason, I postulate the use of the term learn drive instead of curiosity. As the learn drive underlies the essence of the learning process, nobody would ever dare say pedagogy that privileges learning is not likely to be a priority.

Quoted excerpts come from the following reference:

Title: Are Kids Curious?

Author: Glenn C. Altschuler, Ph.D.


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